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[OOC Post] Board Rules and Information



Anything posted within this forum must be regarding in character content, and everything said within this forum will be considered/deemed in characterly. Keep it all In-Character. If you think that you need to reply to someone OOC'ly, simply send a private message to him,  if you want to post anything Out of Character, use the Out of Character board for that.

Board Rules

- Do not create a post which contains OOC content
- Do not reply to someone's post OOC'ly (considering that all posts are IC)
- Do not advertise in-game stuff in this board
- Always try to post anything that is related with in-game roleplay 
- Don't post anything on your own which never happened or was never roleplayed in-game


Breaking the rules posted above will result in a forum reprimand and warning or post/comment removal.

Note: Any topic which does not adhere to this will be moved to the correct board.

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